Question Russound PRO-8 Channel selector Hookup

May 3, 2019
HI! We moved into a home that has speakers in every room and somewhat wired system. This Russound HP-8 is wired and there is a subwoofer, but they are not connected yet.
Someone disconnected it and the receiver is missing ( presumably sold in an estate sale )
My question is this... This is the back of the HP-8. This amp section is not hooked up . How does this get hooked up? Do I hook up the sub to one of these?
Is there a way I can hook up a receiver that only accepts wireless streaming music? Something small? Would that be hooked up as an input to the sub?
I believe the sub is a large REEL brand sub - maybe its an amp? Not home at the moment but this selector is throwing me off. Each room has at least 2 speakers with volume control knobs if that helps
Thanks in advance :)

The HP-8 is an impedance matching speaker selector which allows you to safely connect 8 pairs of speakers to a single receiver or amplifier without damaging it.
Since you are only interested in streaming audio and not home theater the simplest way to get it working would be to get a Sonos Amp or Denon Heos Amp. That would connect to the amp input of the HP-8.
If you wanted to play different streams in different rooms you would buy another Amp and connect just the speakers for that room to create a separate zone.
If you have outdoor speakers that might be the first new zone. You will need another speaker selector if you want to create a zone with more than 2pr of speakers.
The subwoofer would have been connected with speaker wire in the room that it was located.
Check each room to see which one has speaker wires where one might place the sub. You may see wires coming out of the walls or a plate with four speaker terminals.
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May 3, 2019
Thank you for clarification on that. We plan on just using one central location and having that control the speakers throughout. I looked up both of your amp suggestions. THey are both a bit pricey $350+, are there other options or specs I should be aware of if I was to look for cheaper alternatives? I think its the wireless feature that seems to be pushing it out to the more pricey range ( in my opinion). If we were to scratch the wireless ability, what is something I can get just to utilize what I have at this time?
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