What Laptop should I get?


Jul 11, 2017
Hey Guys,

So I've been struggling the last couple of weeks to what kind of gaming laptop I would want to get.
Couple of things to know about me:
I'm from belgium (€) and I'm not a student anymore so a 17-inch model is a viable option.
I mainly want to use the laptop for games like league of legends, csgo, h1z1, wow, maybe overwatch and such.

Well I wanted to get either the MSI GE72VR APACHE PRO GTX 1060 (3gb vram) or the ASUS GL702VM / G752VM (with 6gh vram)
Now I've read on alot of forums that the asus laptops tend to get high heats? I'm not sure if that counts for games like league and csgo aswell. What my other question is, is 3GB vram still enough in 2017 or should I get a 6GB version?

Thanks in advance!

as for 2017 the 3gb vram might be a limiting factor in some triple aaa games but not the games that u mention above.also if u are playing at higher res.are both model came in at the same price?