what laptops are like great for running the sims 3 with some expansion packs or just the sims 4


Oct 11, 2014
I really really need a laptop for running the sims 3 with some expansion packs or just the sims 4 and my budget is like $600-660 or higher but the highest would be like $700. Also for the sims 3 with expansion packs if you could tell me about how many ep could run with the base game THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


May 24, 2015
Well, that will be easy. It honestly depends on what else you'll be doing on the PC. If you're just going to play Sims 3/4, I'd go with these kinds of PCs:
• Intel® Core™ i5 or Intel® Core™ i7
- That goes up to at least 3.0GHz
• AMD A10-Series
- That goes up to at least 3.2GHz
*Goes up to references to turbo boost. Ex: a processor for Intel can start at 2.4GHz and go up to 3.3GHz. A processor for AMD can start at 1.9GHz and go up to 3.5GHz. If the turbo boost is not stated, simply Google the processor name, ex: "i7-2630QM" and read the detail under the first link.

• 6GB DDR3 RAM or up
- You're wasting your money if it's over 10GB DDR3 RAM

Hard Drive
• 500GB 5400RPM or up

Graphics Card
• High Settings with All Expansion Packs
- NVIDIA: 740M, 560M, 650M, 830M, 745M, 480M, 470M, 745M, 660M, 750M, 755M, 570M, 670M, 760M, 850M, 670MX, 765M, 485M, 580M, 675M, 675MX, 770M, 860M, 775M, 870M, 680M, 680MX, 780M, 880M
- ATI/AMD Radeon: 8730M, 5470, 5650, 8830M, 6870M, 7750M, 5870, 8770M, 7770M, 8790M, 7850M, 8850M, 6950M, 7870M, 8870M, 6970M, 6990M, 7970M, 8970M