Solved! What receiver fits my speakers best

Dec 3, 2018
I have some Klipsch rf 82 speakers 150 w 8 ohms. I want to know which receiver would be a better choice based on power. Sony STR-DH790 Which has 145 w 6ohms or Pioneer elite Lx 102 which has 170 w 6ohms and 80w 8ohms
If power is all we are talking about then the Sony is rated at 90 watts in stereo into 8 ohms. The Pioneer is 80 watts in stereo into 8 ohms. 10 watts is not a relevant difference in power and since the Klipsh are very efficient that difference is even less critical.
If you are not interested in surround sound you will likely get a better result with a stereo receiver or integrated amp than with an AVR. More real power and usually better sounding at the same price. More of your money goes for what you use rather than extraamps and processing you won't use.
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