What settings can I best run civilization 6 on my laptop?


Aug 19, 2014
I have an Asus laptop with the following specs:
Intel core i5 7300hq quad core 2,5ghz turbo to 3.5ghz
8gb RAM
Nvidia gtx 950m 2gb gddr5
Windows 10 64 bit
SSD 256gb.
What are some good settings so I get good frames? And what framerate do you guys think is good for playing strategy games like civ 6. I know for shooters like bf3 and cod 60+ is a must for smooth gameplay. What are good framerates for a strategy game? 30+ or 40+?
What resolution and graphics settings can I set civ 6 so I still have nice graphics and smooth framerates. I currently have resolution set to 1920*1080,
the two sliders are set to medium and in the advanced settings I Always turn shadows off since I dont mind them and I heard that shadows use alot of memory and are a big hit to performance. I have anti aliasing set to 8x msaa.(the maximum). When I ran the ingame benchmark the average frametime was about 20.98ms. 99 percentile was about 28ms. I dont know if that is good or not? And is this benchmark in civ 6 a good measure, since when I start a new game, there is very little to be displayed because very little land is discoverd and you dont have alot of cities. While later on the graphics usage may be more intense because more cities are built. Are there any settings that take alot of memory and are not needed? (like ambient colusion or something else?) When I start a new game my fps are 60, but that is in the very beginning. So my settings are now as followed:
1920*1080 resolution
Performance impact: medium
Memory impact : medium
Shadows off, the rest leave it as be.
anti aliasing 8xmsaa.
average frametime according to ingame benchmark with these settings is 20.985ms
99 percentile was 28ms according to ingame benchmark


Feb 6, 2017

you can enjoy a strategy game like CIV at 30FPS or so. But Just try all the settings until you're satisfied, nothing more to it.