What to Expect From Apple in 2019

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When Apple says modular Mac Pro. I'm thinking Apple is going to end up ticking off the Pro users when it is revealed.

When I hear Tim say modular. I don't picture them following ATX standards. I see something like Razer Project Christine. Everything being proprietary modules.
- You want more RAM. You buy a RAM module of the amount of RAM you need. Then get rid of the old RAM module.
- Faster or dual CPU. Buy a CPU module.
- You want more storage. You buy an Apple storage module.
- Faster GPU. You buy an Apple GPU module.
- None of the upgrades use standard connectors. Everything is proprietary requiring Apple upgrade modules. All at insane premiums.
- The Mac Pro will have a T2 chip. Requiring modules to be bought from Apple or Authorized Reseller to activate. No third party sales or reselling used modules. Your only option is to trade them in. This will be to "improve security".
- Because Apple had to make everything so proprietary. The new Mac Pro will cost a fortune compared to a similar Dell workstation.
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