What's the best laptop (spec wise) that money could buy


Jan 4, 2017
So next year I am going to university and I have been doing different kind of jobs after school for the past couple months (supermarket, ...). I have also saved up alot of money from birthday the past 4-5 years. I plan on buying a laptop that has overpowered specs (since i do want to play games in my down time) and one that is also not too fat. I have been looking at the razer blades and while I love them I feel like theyre is a better option out there from a company like dell,hp, lenovo or something. So what would be the best laptop at the moment when you don't take money into consideration?




I would suggest investing in a small, mini-ITX desktop for the gaming part and buy a light laptop to carry around. For a few reasons:

a) even a "light" gaming laptop can be annoying to constantly carry, and
b) there is a strong risk of having DAMAGE or THEFT to a laptop, and
c) you can have as good or even a BETTER gaming experience on the desktop whilst also having this laptop due to the price of expensive gaming laptops
d) having TWO computers is handy in case one fails at a critical time during studies (you could be FOUR WEEKS or more sometimes to wait on laptop repair, and also what about your files?), and
e) you can make a BACKUP of your laptop OS on regular basis (i.e. Acronis True Image) to the desktop. setup an automated backup and maybe use a gigabit switch (or twisted ethernet cable? Never done that so not sure if it still works)

So for example, setup in Acronis True Image (installed on laptop) to make a weekly backup of your Windows SSD to the HDD on the desktop PC, and use Syncback SE Free (google that. really handy) to backup a folder called "School Files" to make a DAILY backup to the PC.

You absolutely MUST give a budget and state whether a desktop is a possibility first.

I.e. if $2500 (USD funds?) budget maybe a $1800 desktop (with 1440p, 25" monitor for example) and $700, 13" to 15.6" 1080p laptop?

PCPARTPICKER is great for picking parts, and there are a few videos/articles on making pretty small desktops.

*Not saying this one is the best, just an example:
Update: added MONITOR (U2515H Dell, which is 25", 60Hz, IPS, 2560x1440...I bought my sister one and it has a great 3-year warranty)

If you go this way, then make sure the MONITOR supports the laptop as well (i.e. DP + HDMI inputs) so you can have two screens at the same time if desired.


Example DESKTOP build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x86kFd

If interested in the small DESKTOP + LAPTOP approach I decided to make an example build partially because the NODE 202 wasn't listed but also I like this case with the handle and it looks nice to me. Please note:

a) there are smaller cases
b) compatibility varies (may need SFX PSU not ATX, 2.5" not 3.5", size/cooling of graphics and CPU coolers)
c) I didn't bother getting a better CPU cooler for the above build as it's a quick example

As per the BUILD I made that was just over $1600 before tax/ship I guess here's some basics:
1) 6-core CPU
2) GTX1070
3) MOTHERBOARD has wi-fi, and good audio (there are cheaper mini-ITX boards for this socket but I think this may be the best one for quality and audio)
4) M.2 SSD
5) Monitor is 25", 2560x1440, IPS, 60Hz (thought 25" was a good size for school)

As for laptops, there are lots to choose from but I'd concentrate on QUALITY (customer reviews). Maybe something with a 1080p (1920x1080), 14", IPS screen, 2C/4T Intel CPU, 8GB system memory.. for $700USD or less
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