Question When singing loud, audio will make weird noise

Dec 27, 2020
So I ordered this new microphone called the Maono AU-A04. And everytime I sing too loud, it makes this rustling noise when I listen back. I'm afraid I might me a problem of the microphone. Could it also be the app I'm using? It's a USB microphone and connected to my windows 10 computer. Can anyone help me out?
Dec 28, 2020
Hi there, new audio production student here, I'll try to help as much as I can.

So, it's actually a normal thing to happen. When an audio signal gets too loud and reach 0 db in levels, the signal will get distorted and as a result, the rustling noise that you hear (it's called "audio clipping" if you want to look it up). I believe it's nothing to do with your mic.
I've never worked with a condenser USB mic like the one that you have, but does it have a gain/level knob on the mic? If it does, try reducing it so it doesn't clip/distort when you sing too loud.

Hope this helps!
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