Which best bang for my buck in DVD Player ?


Feb 1, 2004
For a reasonable budget, I have found these 2 DVD Players as the perfect ones to own :
- DENON DVD 2910
- NAD DVD T524
Of course, you Americans, you may not be familiar with the superior and legendary quality of european and britain based NAD, and you trust only Japanese stuff...
So, I am talking to the other half of the humanity who knows really who NAD is !
Then : which one of these 2 DVD Players is the best for Video Quality and Functionality ?
Otherwise, and this is valid also for Americans, if you have, folks, other suggestions of very good DVD Players, but for a reasonable price, just tell me which one I should go for ?
Thanks again, and, Americans, dont mistake, I love you, but you really miss a great quality coming from many big or small euopean brands, that are unknown from you, and are so much better that Japanese Stuff...


Jul 7, 2004
Being a discerning consumer means getting familiar with a very obscure component of your DVD player, but it will pay off in the end.

Recommended players are:

Pretty much all Denon models, particularly the DVD-2910 (SRP $729) on the mid-range and DVD-1910 (SRP $220) on the low-end. For the price of a used car, you can always get the top-of-the-line 5910 (SRP $3,500).

Panasonic DVD-S97 (SRP $299.98) - best value.

Yamaha DVD-S2500 (SRP $749.95)

Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi (SRP $719.99)


Nov 29, 2005
Deude! I bought mine for like 70 bucks! It was great. had surround sound, optical, and coax. it had component composite and s-video. It was great! Its been through a fire 3 moves and finally stopped working right. but on my 42 in plasma widescreen HD IT looked awsome. In my opinion dont spend that much especially cuz of HD dvd and blue ray coming out. unless your getting a HD or blue ray. and dont get suckered in to HD upconversion. that total shit. It might look slightly better, but ALL DVD's are done in 480p. period. and p stands for progressive scan. I is interlaced. Progressive sacn is how digital tv's work. interlaced is for regular tv's. so basicly if you dont have a plasma LCD,, or i think they make others that can do it. you dont even need progressive scan. I had the Mitsubishi DD-6040 and its like 3 years old so of course they will have a different model.

So In short dont spend much unless you have a HDTV and are getting a true HD DVD or blue ray dvd player. and then you still need HD dvd's or blue ray DVD's. I would assume regular dvd's will work on them but they are still only running at 480p. by the way most regular tv shows have a resulution 480, they just have static and whatever else
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