Question Which bookshelf speakers should I buy?


Sep 30, 2010

Hope for some advice regarding a pair of new bookshelf speakers til go with my Denon PMA-720AE.

My needs are mostly music, and predominantly hard rock, metal and punk and some news and podcasts. Thje room is around 20-25m2 an dmostly i'll be 2-4 meters away when listening. And I rarely have to play really really loud (as there are sonos speakers in all the other rooms)

I have had different large Cerwin Vega speakers before and were quite happy with the sound, but for my new place there is only room for bookshelf speakers.

I've been looking aound, reading a lot and have landed on three possibilities (though I am open for suggetions within the price range :)

From the cheap to the absolute top in my price range:
Cerwin-Vega XLS-6 - 110£
Monitor Audio Bronze 2 - 210£
Bowers & Wilkins 607 - 245£ (Which is at a price where I can feel it hurt some)

Hope for advice - thanks
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