which laptop core processor would suit my needs?


Feb 12, 2016
I am trying to decide between 3 laptops to replace the one I had stolen. I play some fb games, store pictures and surf the web. The three I'm looking at are the Dell LED AMD A8 with 8GB/1TB, the HP Touch Intel Quad Core with 8GB/1TB and the Dell Touch 6th Generation i5 core with 8GB/1TB. Anyone have any suggestions or things to share?


Feb 22, 2013
For your needs really any of those three will do just fine. The intel CPU's in general have better performance, and the AMD CPU have better graphic performance. But for your use I don't think the CPU or GPU needs to perform under full load, so any will be fine.

If you have a set budget we might suggest some other laptops.


When most people say "AMD A8" APU the ones that automatically come up in my brain are the A8-6410 and A8-7410. At best (when all 4 cores are running) their performance is a little less than a 4th generation Core i3 CPU. The integrated Radeon R5 (Beema / Carrizo) graphics core has rather weak performance; slightly less than an Intel HD 4000 that are in Intel 3rd generation CPUs.

If those are the AMD APUs in the laptops you are looking at then by all means get the laptop with the 6th generation Core i5 CPU which will likely have the Intel HD 520 graphics core. Click link below for some average FPS performance benchmarks for the Radeon R5 (Beema / Carrizo), Intel HD 4000, Intel HD 520 and low end dedicated GPUs; Radeon R5 M255 / M330 / M335.

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