Which laptop is better?


Sep 21, 2013
I would like to know which laptop is better for the money. The first one is roughly $1475 and the second is $1350 BUT it's used on ebay. The first would be purchased new from Xoticpc.

Sager NP8265 (Clevo P150SM):
15.6” FHD 16:9 LED Backlit Wide screen (1920x1080) Super Clear Matte Type Sager Screen (SKU - S1R324)
- Sager - 4th Generation Intel® Haswell Core™ i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz - 3.4GHz, 6MB Intel® Smart Cache) (SKU – SPU201)
- - Stock OEM Thermal Compound
- NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 770M (3.0GB) GDDR5 PCI-Express DX11
- 12GB - DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (3 SODIMMS) (SKU - S4S433P)
- 120GB Crucial M5 mSATA SSD - Preconfigured as an OS Drive ( Operating System – Drive C: )
- 750GB 7200RPM [SATA II - 16MB Cache] - Default (SKU - HDD099)
- 8X Super Multi DVDRW/CDRW Combo Drive (Dual Layer w/ Software)
- Bluetooth Included
- Sager - Bigfoot Networks Killer™ Wireless-N 1103 (3x3) (SKU - WIFI96)
- Internal 9-in-1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD/Mini SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo)
- Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
- Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
- Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
- Integrated Fingerprint Reader
- Standard Sager/Clevo Non Chiclet Backlit Keyboard
no operating system
Sager NP9150 (Clevo P150EM):
Sager - 3rd Generation Intel® Ivy Bridge Core™ i7-3610QM (2.3GHz - 3.3GHz, 6MB Intel® Smart Cache, 45W Max TDP)
Arctic MX2 Thermal Paste (GPU / CPU)
15.6" Full HD 16:9 Super Clear Ultra Bright LED Glare type Screen (Native 1920x1080).
16GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
WD 750GB 7200RPM 2.5" HDD
Wireless Network Sager - Intel Ultimate Wireless-N 6300 (3x3)
6x Blu-Ray Read / 8x DVD-RW Super Multi Combo Drive
Integrated Fingerprint Reader
Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
I/O: 2x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0, E-Sata, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x DVI, SD card slot, ethernet, firewire, and a kensington lock
Internal 9-in-1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD/Mini SD/SDHC/SDXC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo)
Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
Original Clevo A/C Adapter
Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
Windows 7 Home Edition Comes with CD-Key and CD.


Sep 17, 2012
Hmmm...I'd pick the first one because of the better CPU and SSD. The Second one has more ram (but slower) and a better GPU.

i7-4700MQ > i7-3610QM
GTX 770M < GTX680M
1600MHZ > 1333MHZ
12GB < 16GB

Honestly the 3 times of CPU, GPU and Memory honestly they performance difference between then aren't that big.
lol a bit of a hard decision actually. Honestly I'd go with the first one only because its new. last time i got a used laptop it was the first and last time i did.