Which laptop should I buy?


May 9, 2014
So I just completed my grade 12 a few days ago and will be entering college in a few months (by july). So I need to purchase a new laptop for myself. I would like to use it atleast for the three years of college before discarding it for a new one. My budget is 35,000 INR. (refer www.flipkart.com or www.amazon.in for local prices in India, or 500 USD considering inflation and price levels in our country). My topmost priority is good quality and capacity storage. Second would be a good design and portability. Interface (ports) and upgradability (RAM and storage) would come next in the list. I won't use it for gaming at all, but it would see heavy multimedia usage (movies, youtube, web browsing, netflix, etc.) so I guess good battery life maybe important.

Thanks in advance.

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