Which laptop would perform better?


Feb 14, 2016
So yeah quick question.
I'm getting a laptop for my birthday that I'm going to use just as a PC i use like teamspeak, google, facebook, maybe some indie games.
I am currently looking at these two -

My question is: The first laptop has (i'm guessing) a better GPU and CPU
BUUUTT the second had double the RAM, so what one will overall perform better? Thanks in advance guys:)

Well, the HP is £275 and the Acer is £290. I'd say get on the phone and ask...

Well, the HP is £275 and the Acer is £290. I'd say get on the phone and ask HP just how great a deal on RAM you can get for £15. The HP has a better CPU/GPU package but 4GBs of RAM is a bit on the low end even for standard web browsing/productivity. But at least you know it's upgradable, and with just 2GBs more it would become a great machine.

The Celeron N3050/Intel HD Graphics setup doesn't impress any reviewers and is not considered useful for anything except very, very light web browsing/productivity. 8GBs sounds great, but it's effectively pointless with this CPU. In fact, I struggle in vain to come up with a scenario where this laptop would make any sense.