Which MSI Laptop to buy...


May 19, 2016
Hi All

I am planning on buying a high end laptop. The two I have shortlisted are (In order of preference):

MSI GT80S 6QE (the one with GTX980M SLI)
MSI GT80S 6QD (the one with GTX970M SLI)

I also saw one from "Aorus", but I guess they do not have any service centers in India (I think MSI doesn't have their "global" service centers in India as well. :( Paid service is available though. Anyone who has got international warranty in India ?).

Anyhow, back to the point. :) The intention behind this purchase :

1) Definitely gaming. Even though I am busy these days, I'd like to keep the option open.
2) Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. The focus stacking apps like Zerene stacker runs very slow on my current laptop (Asus G73JH). The main reason for the upgrade plan. And yes, I know that the GPUs won't help here much (though latest Lightroom has started using GPUs for some functionalities).
3) No new laptop at least for another 5 years.(My G73JH just completed 5 years :D). Most important reason to even consider this much money now. ;)


1) There is a good amount of difference between the two. Is the 980M SLI one worth that much ?
2) Is there any other options that any of you would like to suggest ?
3) I was considering a desktop as well (have a config of the same price ready as well). But there is a chance that I might have to relocate within the next year. So the mobility factor creeps in.

Help me out guys... :)


Feb 25, 2016
If you want to play VR (e.g. Oculus) in near future, you may need a laptop which harness GTX980M graphic card (yet 980M is less than the minimum of a GTX 970). Otherwise, GTX970 SLI can run almost all of the game.


Apr 18, 2015

I always prefer a laptop over a desktop. The 980M SLI will perform a decent bit better then the 970M SLI, but even 1 970M (non SLI, just one simple chip) is good enough to run most games on medium to high settings. The 980m SLI is more 'Futureproof' if you will.

If your looking for something a little cheaper, I'd look at a Razer Blade 15. This little thin and light still packs a punch with a 970m and will most likley give you 5 good years.
Blade: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DHS310W/ref=twister_B01FS43UWW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1