Which notebook is better?


Aug 15, 2013
I´would like to buy a notebook for college. I found 2 very decent notebooks, but I cant decide which one is better.


I would use it mainly for studies and some work in AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, however it would be great if I could play some games on it too. like (Battlefield 3-4, FIFA 14-15), but I would not use this as a gaming laptop.
Please help me decide, and if you know other notebooks that are better than these please share it. My max budget is 750-800euros. And I need something with a decent battery life.

Thank you


Both are very similar the main deference in hardware is the Lenovo has the GT 740m (2GB) GPU while the Acer has the GT 750m (4GB) GPU. Therefore from a gaming perspective the Acer would be better.

As for the programs you want to use I am not familiar with them so I do not know if the more powerful GT 750m will provide better performance. Additionally, I do not know if the extra 2GB of RAM would also have any performance effects.

ThinkPads are generally known for their durability, but that reputation most comes from their premium T series. ThinkPads are business laptops so if you need to deal with customer service you will not be dealing with the normal consumer level customer service, you will be dealing with their business oriented customer service which is generally much better. Also, ThinkPads have a global warranty. Say you are studying abroad in Germany, Acer will not provide you with any support because you are outside the country you originally bought it in. You will get support from Lenovo though. That is of course if the laptop is still under warranty. The vast majority of laptops only comes standard with a one year warranty.

The Lenovo comes with a 6-cell battery vs. 4-cell battery for the Acer. That means the ThinkPad should last longer on battery. It also has a fingerprint reader (typically a $20 option) which is a nice security feature. Instead of having to type in a password to log into the laptop, you can just swipe your finger over the fingerprint reader.

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