Which of these LG 4K TV's has the best picture?


Jul 17, 2012
Hey everyone. :)

I've come here because I've just not got enough experience and I know this forum has a lot of people who really know what they are talking about.

I have a Hisense 49" 4K TV and the picture is pretty good but it's not the smoothest. 4K BluRay playback is juddery and 2K playback looses focus when the action gets fast and when the camera pans across landscape.
I'm having great difficulty deciding which TV is going to give the absolute best possible picture for 4K HDR BluRay and 4K Gaming. I have a choice between 3 LG's. I'm not really bothered about any of the smart features. I'd just like the one which has the best hardware.

The problem is that I need to decide by midday tomorrow and therefore I don't have enough time to research. So if anyone can help I'd be extremely grateful. Many thanks in advance. :)

I'd like to know which of the following TV's would be the best.

49UH750V | LG LED TV | ao.com

49UJ670V | 49” 4K LG LED TV | ao.com

49UJ750V | 49 Inch 4K LG TV | ao.com