White iPhone 4 Guy Could Face Possible Jail Time

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Feb 8, 2010
I guess Apple iPhone owners have never heard of a $3 can of spray paint, and $1 roll of masking tape. :lol:

If they want it to be and outragiously over-priced fix, I am now selling kits with a can of white spray-paint and a roll of masking tape for the ultra low price of $250. Act Now, before I get sued!!!


May 28, 2009
[citation][nom]grieve[/nom]Ignorance does not make you innocent...If you buy a TV from ebay which is later found to be stolen and the authorities can prove it... then you might as well have stolen it yourself.This is why when somethings seems like too good of a deal... it is! you can't get that $3000 car amp for $250 from some guy and expect its all on the up/up.[/citation]

Erm, a friend of mine bought a speaker set for his guitar for about £200 which was worth about £1000. He got it from a consumer electronics delivery man who wanted to shift it quickly because the place that had originally bought the thing didn't want it anymore and so the company was left with it. I suppose the company wanted to re-coup at least a portion of the money quickly and my friend was in the right place at the right time. So yes you can buy expensive things for cheap with it all above board.

[citation][nom]acadia11[/nom]And job wants to talk about someone stealing! Whatever.[/citation]

I don't like Steve Jobs and you won't catch me dead with an Apple product, but he's never really stolen anything from anyone.


Dec 15, 2007
[citation][nom]edilee[/nom]Ok here are his kit prices as listed on his site and he claims 500 sold so far....full @ $279= $139,500back @ $135=$67,500front @ $169=$84,500Again he claims 500 sold so this is calculated with simple math to his claims and as you can see $130,000 should be about right since it is safe to assume that the full kit is probably the majority sold with the front only kit coming in second. If he claimed something different elsewhere then what $130,000 is probably the current latest figure. Why anyone would pay that much for these kits is beyond me...can't you get the entire phone cheaper than that with a contract?? Do people really need white so bad right now that they can't wait till spring and just upgrade their phone for much cheaper through their carrier? I swear Apple is putting crack in it's products.[/citation]

Perhaps that's 130k GROSS and 30-40k NET? I can't imagine the Foxconn guy would be giving it to him cheap...
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