Solved! White lines appearing on black screen, screen not turning on properly or low quality screen.

Jul 22, 2019
Okay, guys, I've searched the internet far and wide and could not find a solution.

At first, my phone screen would flicker sometimes to black in the middle of doing something. Now, it takes a few attempts to start up the screen normally.

It either powers on, showing a black screen, flickering until the screen is normal.

Sometimes the screen powers on, showing a black screen, flickering but the screen is really low quality looking, very pixelated (though you can still see everything).

Mostly the screen powers on, shows black and then white and grey lines fade in, sometimes with colours as well.

After a few tries of turning my screen on and off it shows normally again, but it's really frustrating. Please, please help!
It sounds like hardware to me. Either the display itself is going or the graphics for the phone.

If it is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. If not, I would then try a local tech.