White Screen Opens

Nov 12, 2018
Question from tarheeldon : "Lenovo White Screen"

Hello. Upon opening, it shows one page with time and date white background, and if I am able to get to sign in page, same white background and will not accept password to open page programs etc. and does not respond to 'Reset Password.' Thank you on advance, -Don
Nov 12, 2018

Actually I did reply, with a request for more details. Instead of answering, you created a new post. Hence why they moved it over here.

We, alas, cannot assist with password issues. If it was just the display we could work on it, but if you can't enter the password it requires then you will have to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Please read the following thread... http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/id-2317968/read-passwords-lock-codes-pin-numbers.html
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