Question Why am I not getting sound?

Jan 21, 2020
I recently purchased a Sound Blaster Z sound card.
I have 2 speakers (Polk audio tsi200 powered by yamaha r-s202 receiver), and a subwoofer (Alpine type r 15" powered by planet audio amp rated at 4000w 1ohm and says anarchy on it (I include this info because I am not sure of the model name)).
Before, I would use onboard Intel sound, one 3.5mm output jack with a splitter to my receiver and amplifier. Since the sound card comes with a subwoofer port, I thought I'd ditch the splitter and use that. But when I do, the subwoofer is barely loud enough to hear.

Why is this?
Does it matter - will using the splitter reduce the quality?

I'm using windows 7. I have the sound blaster software set to 5.1 with 2 speakers L/R and a subwoofer, running the test I can hear some sound from the subwoofer but it is very quiet and hardly noticeable when playing music.
Jan 21, 2020
I just noticed that in Sound Blaster studio, when set to Surround 5.1, theres a bass slider that is greyed out and set to 0. When set to studio 2.0, the bass slider is movable and defaults at 50%. Not sure if this is at all related.
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