Why cant I get reg cleaner pro out of my comp ..


Dec 16, 2014
it doesnt appear in the uninstall / change programs . but it pops up on my desk top .. it doesnt exist anywhere but there it is .. I have run malware bytes it isnt there scan is clean ..... anyone ??


Oct 22, 2015

I see this is 2014, but I recently had the same problem in 2015, so I guess adding an answer of sorts might help some with this adware monger. I had win 7 divided into a boot and system partition, with booting from both disks. One partition had its browsers corrupted completely by a variety of adware, so no download in order to fix was possible! Downloading a new version of the browser was not possible. I deleted the browsers, and disabled IE... went to the other side or partition, downloaded a link to download avg which scanned and fixed some problems. Then u can ftp to mozilla from internet explorer, but it is a tad difficile and another issue to getting rid of the dread Reg Pro CLeaner, an issue all its own.

Malwarebytes and F-Secure failed to find and remove Reg Pro Cleaner although AVG did find it as a PUP or potentially unwanted program, but failed to completely remove it. It still existed on the boot drive, but when u booted on the system drive, it popped up, although the boot drive appeared clean. All traces in the registry were absent. It did not appear, when the computer was searched computer wide, to be there at all in program files, common desktop, common program files, or in the registry under hkey current user, hkey local machine under software.. so where was it hiding? It was hiding in the open in windows, program files x86. A warning is to search the internet for places it likes to drop files, in windows system 32 and other places, and its add on programs. Spyhunter (enigma software) has a somewhat dated site, showing the 20 or so adjunct places reg pro cleaner and distromatic/systweak likes to put dlls and other files. Manually removing them may be the only way. If your win 7 or 8 disk system is bifurcated into system and boot remember to search both sides for program files, and in program files x86 for a directory called RPC. and remove all. The spyhunter search i.e. searching for the signature files of Reg Pro Cleaner on their website might be apropos as they, i.e. RPC, have additional places dlls and other files might hide. I have a list/link if u ask for it. As well running AVG with options/advanced settings, computer protection and scans -- clicking basically all options -- somewhat dangerous to certain files, but with PUPS the default action is to quarantine which can always be reversed. U have to do some thinking here.

PUPS may be associated with viruses and particularly criminal groups stealing credit card and banking info with Trojans not to mention the actual NSA stealing your info. 500 million German cell phone intercepts. Just the terrorists we are told. Uh huh. But dealing with the obvious bad, I would steer clear of invasive programs period and put secure search on your web browsing.

Reg Pro Cleaner are scum at first glance. Fixing your windows registry may be a consummation but auto cleaning programs so far don't do it.

It might get this bad (below) as to require manual removal, and this is a prelim guide. I would not say exhaustive. I searched for these files but they had others too, particularly under the RPC directory in program files x86.