Question Why do I see "Video loss" on all 8 cameras? QSEE QT548

Herman Thrognorton

Apr 7, 2015
Bought this system from Costco about 6-7 years ago Worked fine until recently, unfortunately I had not looked at it for about a year and a half, I was out of country.

Now, when I turn it on, I see "Video Loss" on all 8 cameras.

I've reset the DVR, unplugged all power supplies and restarted, checked for loose connections, verified the outlets the power supplies are plugged into work.... still see same results.
I need help determining the next step.... repair or replace.

If DVR replacement is required, now that QSEE is out of business, can someone recommend another brand of DVR where I won't have to change the cameras?
Appreciate all feedback