why do they want the id number when i downloaded the credit card from play store and all im doing is playing games so why do t

Belinda Jacoby

Nov 2, 2016
I am an adult female aged 46 why do I have to give so much info this has never happened before like this all I do is play games on my phone and they want a credit debit card n identify I'd number why ????? What more must I say I was born in 1970 now my private life has nothing to do with playing dam games on my phone why must I type away like this when I'm stating my self quite clear I happen to be half coloured and white do you get me now enough said I don't have time for this crap n all this unessasary dam typing else if this the case I will tell the rest of people I know to not download games and all that goes with it


Oct 10, 2014
I agree with webworkings. Many tablet/phone games work on a pay to win model. I.E. they try to get you with in-app purchases. The game may be free but all the extras aren't. Even if you don't plan to purchase anything they will sometimes require info. They will also phish for info to sell. Be wary. If you don't need it, uninstall it.
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