Why does my cursor jump across the screen


May 12, 2014

I have an ASUS S400C 64-bit laptop computer with an Intel Core i3 CPU and 12 GM of RAM running Windows 8. Last month, the cursor controlled by a wireless mouse and keyboard I have used for roughly 2 years began moving on its own--erratically and unpredictably jumping to the lower left hand corner of the screen initially where random blips,dashes and spheres appear on the screen. It has taken me a month to capture the screen because every time i press record the blips stop. Today though I was an organiser on a webinar (which was completely distroyed by the random mouse clicks and blips) but for some reason I was able to capture the blips, maybe because the webinar was being recorded online.

* Changing mouse did not help
* Updating the mouse software did not help (latest version downloaded from Logitech)
* Switching the mouse or its wireless dongal to a different USB port did not help
* removing the wireless dongel and using the laptop touch pad doesn't help
* Rebooting did not help
* Turning off an extended display and running only one monitor (either one) did not help
* Changing the pointing device settings from rather fast to its slowest response seems to have made it move slightly less quickly, but it did not solve the problem and remains largely unusable much of the time.

Claims I've seen that many antivirus programs cause such problems do not seem credible, as I have run antivirus programs from several providers on many machines for many years and many operating systems without incident. I have been using Kaspersky Pure2.0 antivirus for almost a 10 years (1 year on this computer) without incident but have changed to Norton 360 this month to try to fix this issue. Interestingly, although it hasn't solved the issue the random activity usually ceases until the scan is finished. So I have been running the full scan continuosly for the past month or so so I can get my work done.

Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBWbcaHKCIM to see the type of screen activity that occurs and keeping in mind that I couldn't capture the cursor which is continually dragged from where-ever it is at the time into the blips. When it does this, I can move the cursor away with quick , sharp movements of the mouse, but it's response is so erratic that it is extremely difficult to click on icons before it returns the blips position which is now running across the middle of the Laptop screen.

The only other things I can mention are that:
- the blips only occur on the Laptop screen and not the extended monitor but the cursor gets dragged from the extended monitor to the blips from where ever it is and..
- if a window is open where the blips are it will click any clickable link and resize windows quickly and at random

Please help me if you have any knowledge of a solution to this problem
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