Why Fitbit Avoided Android Wear and Built Its Own OS

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Feb 6, 2016
On my long run and getting close to home and without missing a stride ask my watch to turn down the AC. We have the Nest at home and it is then a little cooler when I get home.

In the garage in the dark with my kids watching a storm come up. Time to go inside and ask my watch to turn on the lights so we can see our way inside. The lights turn on thanks to the Google Assistant.

We can do this because my watch is AndroidWear. Just saw the latest IDC numbers and FitBit declined 41% last quarter! AndroidWear and Apple both had really strong growth.

Pretty obvious FitBit made the wrong choice. The idea is to grow NOT decline.

BTW, the strongest of all in growth is Fossil which chose AndroidWear with over 200% YoY growth!
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