Why You Shouldn't Trust Amazon Ratings

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Notice this a while back.

On top of that, Amazon has a bad habit of grouping similar products into one giant review. That's not accurate at all. Used to use Amazon for reviews but no longer. I dive straight into the bad ones and read if complaints have any validity.

Now that Bezos has more$$$ than Gates, not sure if they gonna change.
Aug 31, 2018
Sorry, but this is nonsense, and basically sour grapes from someone that's not part of the Vine programme.

I review items as part of Amazon Vine, and my reviews are 100% honest, and I write them as if I paid the current RRP. Amazon are 100% legit too. I have posted plenty of 1 and 2 star reviews for products than fail to live up to expecatations, and amazon always post these, and they appear with the same weighting as 5 star reviews.
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