Wifi Calling missing from unlocked ATT LG G Flex to TMobile


Sep 18, 2017
My son has an unlocked ATT LG G Flex and has put his TMobile SIM card in. However, he needs to be able to enable wifi calling and itsnot in the menu options at all.
We did find the thread on updating the APN settings and this helped him gain a better wifi signal but the calling feature is still not there.
He noticed the last update is Lollipop but can't get the phone to find a new update.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated because he is visually impaired and phone reception in our neighborhood is awful so for safety purposes he really needs to be able to place phone calls.

Thank you in advance!
The AT&T LG G Flex is not listed as a phone that supports WiFi calling. Did this work while you were with AT&T?

If you need WiFi calling, contact TMobile and see what phones can be used for that on their service.