Will cleaned corrosion on laptop cover damage my screen?

Jul 21, 2018
Is it possible to erase corrosion stain on laptop's cover? I dont really know if its corrosion itself or the painting just totally lost cause of a battery leak (i accidentally put a wireless keyboard with batteries uncovered on top of the laptop, the batteries were literally melting over it) Screen is fine. I've already clean the stain with white vinager and some isopropyl alcohol but the stain is still there making me think its not actually a stain but a hole on the laptop's cover painting itself. Its an ASUS the ones with K555 product code. Gray ones from like a couple of years ago.. anyway, do you think it would be safe after this? Can corrosion keep expanding and damaging my screen after i cleaned it still?


If you've made sure the chemical leak from the battery has been cleaned up and you don't see any physical signs of expansion, then no the screen shouldn't be affected in the future. As for warranty, I'm sure it's not covered since it's user inflicted damage.

If it's a couple of years ago, then the laptop has already gone past it's warranty period. You could yet contact Asus and double check though the laptop will not be covered since the spill/damage was caused by you.

Just to triple check, please pass on an image of the damage(and the extent of it).
Jul 21, 2018
Thank you for your quick answer. I do understand it would be hard to get a warranty but that's fine since it was indeed my fault, i only want to be sure that my screen would be alright cause that's the only important and functional part that could be at risk somehow, since i'm not too familiar with corrosion and this happens to be a not so common mistake (its not water but a battery melting down).
Here are some pictures of how is it right now, as i said i cleaned it with some isopropyl alcohol and them put a few drops of white vinegar for like 5 minutes, then brushed with a hard old brush and maybe some paint went off but not much. Thanks again.

Sorry im not too familiar with image posting here, i uploaded them to imgur:


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