Solved! Will External graphic card help if the integrated died (laptop)


Jan 22, 2017
Hey there,
I have a Toshiba laptop with integrated graphic card that's literally glued on it... And it died...
I was searching for any solutions but there seem to be...Almost none . So I was wondering, if maybe buying an external graphic card would help ? I mean, setting it as a primary one so it won't even need the integrated, the rip one. I'm wondering this because I'm a student l, atm on an exchange for semester, with pretty low budget, and I can't afford a new laptop (or whole new motherboard) anytime soon... But I do desperately need it... I researched there are some cheaper external graphic cards up to 80€ and even some adapters (?) However no thread about whether it's even usable if the one in your laptop isnt working.
If anyone has insight to this that'd be great because I'm quite desperate over what to do.

Thanks a lot !
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