will the Sims 4 play on a laptop with 8th gen intel i3 and intel uhd graphics 620?

Sep 26, 2018
I am looking to buy a new laptop but would like it to play The Sims 4. The one that I am looking at has an 8th generation Intel i3 8130U processor and the graphics are listed as Intel UHD Graphics 620. Does this meet the recommended requirements or just the minimium?


Yes, you will be able to play the Sims 4 with that laptop. The following video is Sims 4 (base game it seems) being played on a 7th gen Core i3-7100u and the Intel HD 620 graphics core. The game settings are 1366x768 (the max resolution of that laptop) and medium graphic settings.


The i3-8130u has pretty close performance to the i5-7200u. The Intel UHD 620 has slightly better performance than the Intel HD 620; the difference being an increase in clockspeed by100MHz. The UHD 620 is also better at playing back 4k video, but that is different from game performance. I would say that the Sims 4 is likely to be playable at up to1600x900 resolution assuming your laptop's screen supports it. Playing the game at 1080p resolution will likely make the game feel laggy. But if your laptop's screen is in fact 1080p, then there is no harm in trying it out.

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