Win7 Ultimate Issues...

Jun 25, 2018
Help, my cousin just give me a Toshiba Satellite C660.
And two days ago i plugged a mouse and weird things started to happen.
- Always scrolled to down on everything, e.g My cursor always highlight the last shortcut on dekstop, scrolling itself on page and my touchpad able to move but can't click. I'm always tried to click FN+F9, it worked for at least for a minute.
What should i do?
Did the mouse caused it?
Also the keyboard is pretty dirty ( Probably causing it but i'm already opened and cleaned the arrow keys ) , can i get tips to clean inside of the keyboard? It's really dusty.
Jun 25, 2018
Question from anderetsu852 : "Mouse, Touchpad and Keyboard Issues..."

So a month ago my cousin gave me her Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop to me, it condition is very slooooow and laggy ( On Win10 ) so i decided to installed Win7 and it worked perfectly fine. So two days ago i plugged my old mouse ( probably the stupidest thing i did ) to the laptop, it worked fine... But then my touchpad started to act weird, it still moves but can't click so i did FN+F9 command, i worked but sometimes my laptop scrolled by itself. Today my laptop literally scrolled itself everytime, i plugged out the mouse but it still scrolls.
Also my keyboard keep pressing "3" on numlock so i turned it off and clean the inside with Q-tip. How to solve these issues?

My Laptop Condition :
- Intel Core i3, 3GB RAM, WIN7 Ultimate,
- Physical Condition : - All okay, except dirty keyboard.
- Inside : - Driver is OKAY, HDD Okay, Already scan with AVG and no virus.

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