Windows 10 Blue Screens After Install - Updates Freeze - Programs don't install - now same happens for Windows 7


Feb 5, 2013
I have an Acer V3-551-8469

I decided to pull it out of my book bag and install Windows 10 so that I can use it alongside my desktop PC I've built.

This Acer has (2) 4GB of RAM = totals 8GB.
Samsung Evo 850 250GB SSD.

When I install Windows 10, it works up to the point after it sets up my profile.
I will go to update it and it will start to get slow...
I left it on ALL night and when I woke up, the download was still at the same percentage from 8 hours before.
Now it runs into an error.
I've been restoring this thing many times, making sure things aren't corrupted.
Sometimes I'd go to open 'RUN' and it says the file is missing...
It would occasionally blue screen, too.
Kernel Memory Error.
Other blue screen errors would come up, too.

When I was installing the driver for the GPU (because the laptop has an APU with builtin GPU), it would freeze on installation...
You'd assume the software didn't install...
I restarted the laptop, re-ran the setup.exe and I found out that every piece of software was actually installed...

I tried Windows 7 since Acer says it's guaranteed to work. (Acer doesn't have drivers for Windows 10, but people have been using Windows 10 on that laptop for a while now and don't have problems).
I get the same exact problem with Windows 7.
I got a blue screen.
The GPU driver installed fine... but then when installing something else, it hung.
It started to get really slow over-time.
Windows Updates gives me an error message -- just like Windows 10 does at times if it doesn't end up just freezing at downloading...

I can't figure it out.
It makes no sense.
Even when I install Windows 7 or Windows 10, it starts out fast (SSD and USB 3.0) - maybe a percentage point every 2 seconds... and then it starts to get much slower...

This SSD would still be under warranty.
I bought it like a month before building my own desktop.
I'd like to know how I can test the hardware for this laptop...

How can I test the Samsung Evo SSD?
How can I format it, or reset it to the best possible?
I would run a HDD tool, but that's intended for HDD... and I don't want to damage the SSD but writing 100TB to it with an incompatible tool.

Memory Test came back fine.
I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic test - Extended for 2 runs.
It worked beautifully.

Months ago I ran memtest+ and I left it on for the entire night again and I woke up to it still running without any problems...
Now if those two memory tests can run all night without a problem I'm not expecting it to be a memory problem... considering that once I start up the laptop, it crashes within 5 minutes EVEN when I'm not even touching the laptop...

Windows 7 seems stable...
But then again, Windows 10 would crash a few times and then become stable for longer... but still crash, become very slow, and stop updating.

I've ran out of ideas.



Feb 5, 2013


Oct 28, 2016
...short of using another computer and testing each and individual sectors, I doubt there's any program that can test it using the same drive as OS. You tried chkdsk, right?

In win10, open a command prompt, then type " chkdsk c: "
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