Question Windows 10 not starting up shows black screen on my connex laptop slim book 2. Only power light is on

Jun 10, 2019
My cronnex laptop slim book 2 notified me a week ago that c drive 32g is full , so I backed it up with my d drive 500g and then copied all of the files etc from cdrive to d drive and then I deleted some unnecessary files that took space on cdrive , so that there is space available in cdrive .. but it keeps on saying cdrive storage full.. I went into the BIOS and changed some of the settings.. now when I want to power on my laptop it shows black screen and only the power light on my keyboard is on. Is it possible to start it up on the D drive . If not can I take out the batery ? Please help


May 13, 2009
You can't just copy your operating system manually from C drive to D drive. It has to be done as system image, or when you uninstall your programs and then reinstall them selecting the installation directory to the other drive.

See if you can boot to your C drive again, to see if you haven't messed things up. You haven't just copied your program files over to the other drive have you?

Put the BIOS settings to how they were before, make sure you can boot to your C drive ok, then do a system image with all the files on C drive, what operating system are you running?

Go into Windows 7 backup & restore tool and do a system image backup to an external storage device. Or you can use third party tools like clonezilla to clone your physical drive C to drive D
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