Solved! Wireless headphones for TV

Dec 5, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm doing a job for a family members friend, who is partially deaf and needs a way to connect some wireless headphones to his TV whilst still being able to let his wife hear the TV through either internal speakers or a soundbar.

He wants to be able to control the volume levels on the TV and headphones separately.

The TV that he has is a Samsung UE43NU7400 and it has optical out, hdmi and USB connections, but no 3.5mm jack

He has a set of Sennheiser TR120 headphones which are bluetooth from the base unit and has a independent volume control, but connect to source via 3.5mm, so this isn't compatible with the TV.

I'm not sure the best way to go setting this up for him, my only option as I know is adding a soundbar to the TV, one that has a 3.5mm jack as an output, select the audio output as external on the TV to the soundbar, and then connect the bluetooth headphones via 3.5mm output aux. Then I still have the issue of whether the soundbar turns off when the headphone base unit is plugged into it.

Does anyone know of a soundbar that can do what I need or any other option that would work. The guy's bought a USB bluetooth adapter but that doesn't work as there's no drivers that can be installed to the TV for it, there's also an option to set up Wi-Fi audio streaming on the TV, but according to the manual this only works for speakers and not headphones.

As well as that the only other way to stream is buying a new pair of wireless headphones with a base unit that connects via optical out, but that would mean selecting sound output from the TV, and disabling the internal speakers, which isn't ideal, and the only model I've found so far is super expensive.



You may need an audio splitter since most TVs will disable the speakers when external audio is used. You can check in the options if you can leave the TV speakers on when external speakers are used. Hook up a optical to bluetooth adapter to the TV for the headphones. If TV won't play both speakers and headphones at same time, something like this splitter should work Have not tried one but the reviews look promising. Hang the optical to bluetooth adapter off one connection, a sound bar off the other.
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