Workhorse , value for money, laptop for xl, word, ppt, browsing, mail, PDF , NO gaming


Mar 23, 2013

I'm looking for a basic,workhorse laptop that will do the following

1. All Ms office - excluding outlook

2. Web Browsing

3. Mail ... Both web and non outlook ...simple mail clients

4. Reading / mild editing of PDF files

5. Storage of all above

Etc ...this etc is text editing, screen capture and annotate , useof kindle or similar windoes software etc...which IMHO are simple tasks

NO....repeat NO gaming use however

I have been thinking of the following specks

15.6 inches screen size, 500 GB HDD , WINDOWS 7 or 8 home edition, 2 gb memory, intel i3 or i5 processor etc

It would be great to know the following based on above :

1. Does an I 5 have any benefits or should I stick to i3

2. Does win 8 have any benefits or win 7 is better

3. Are there AMD processors that are as good as intel i3 / i5 ??

Anything else that I should think of

Other salient notes
A. I do NOT live in the United States

B. I plan to buy online or in local stores ...probably local stores are better because shipping kills the price advantage and it is always good to have local warranty

Thanks in advance
Best regards



random stalker

Feb 3, 2013
I'm mostly a lenovo guy, so my recommendation would be heavily biased :eek:)
And I think any Intel laptop is capable of running anything you'll need...

But to answer your questions:

1. about 30% increase in processing power - relatively useless for office tasks /unless you work with 10+MB office files, excel spreadsheets with a lot of macros or many functions/

2. yes and no - it has some good sides and brings new environment /optimised for touch which could be a pain in the bollocks/.

3. no - even the best mobile AMD processors get obliterated by i3 in terms of raw processing power. the strength of an AMD lies elsewhere - their integrated graphic card owns all intel cpus very hard /so, they are at best when you do some light workload and reward yourself with a nice game afterwards/ :)

Any other things?
Personal preference of mine is a antiglare /matte/ display and a keyboard with a numpad. :)

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