WP7's Copy/Paste Update Finally Rolling Out

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Dec 17, 2009
[citation][nom]mkrijt[/nom]I feel a lawsuite by apple coming up. MS used the term app.....[/citation]

Wouldn't be surprised if someone have trademarked it, after all it seems almost anything can be trademarked. Hmm whats the most common letter in the alphabet, maybe its time to TM that and get rich trolling it for the next decade or so and claim its my invention!


Aug 11, 2008
[citation][nom]dallaswits[/nom]How long from the release of the original Iphone until cut and paste was added?[/citation]
Crapple waited for THREE Major releases. How can anyone say finally. microsoft was fast on this one


Aug 4, 2008
Cupcake - Here we go again rewriting history...

MS has been making windows phones forever... Google Windows Mobile - was launched in 2000... Oh wait, they rebrand it and call it Windows 7 mobile and you believe it's their first time at this?

Yay, they have cut and paste... But don't go recreating history...
[citation][nom]Marco925[/nom]Crapple waited for THREE Major releases. How can anyone say finally. microsoft was fast on this one[/citation]


Jun 6, 2010
We need a Microsoft "Live" Phone or something. A phone branded by MS, similar to the iPhone to actually compete fully with it I'd say. Having the MS OS on HTC just isn't enough. People see Apple superior because its Apple. But if we make a Microsoft phone, then people would think its even better cos MS is better than Apple. But anyways good work, keep fighting. iOS is too locked down and closed. Android just lacks polish, full company support like Apple and MS. RIM won't last long.


windows mobile used to have cut and paste back in the 2003 version... It even makes you do it in the first setup. So somewhere along the way they lost it!


Mar 1, 2010
I think FINALLY fits perfectly. After seeing all the crap people gave apple, how could microsoft not include copy&paste in its FIRST release.
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