News Xbox Series X just beat PS5 in the hottest game of the year


Mar 25, 2018
People are so dumb, they turn everything up to Ultra and then whine because they can't hit 60 FPS when they could just take a little time customizing the graphics by turning down a setting or two, hit their 60 FPS target and barely notice any difference in looks, especially when you are playing the game rather than just staring at a static screen ...... RDR2 PC was the same way ..... But .... but .... but I can't play with all the settings on Ultra which isn't even a technical term it's mainly a market gimmick .... I dare anyone to define Ultra as it relates to the actual hardware measurements such as TFLOPS or memory bandwidth or pixel rate or texture rate .....

Instead of low, medium and high you have high, very high and ultra because it sounds better .... It's all just marketing BS
Dec 9, 2020
The next gen versions of the game aren't out yet, so this is just running in back compatibility mode. This is more reflective of the advantage Xbox One X has over the PS4 Pro. I think we need to wait until they release the next gen versions before making any definitive claims about performance between PS5 and Series X.
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Dec 10, 2020
Clickbait article. Like amfahlsing89 said, these are only backward compatible versions, and they both still look really bad compared to PC, which is itself hardly the standard bearer for AAA polish.