News Xbox Series X specs announced in surprise attack on PS5

Zachary 99

Feb 24, 2020
I like how this person is so sure yet little has been confirmed in the ways of specs regarding the ps5. Aside from the fact that according to educated guesses via process of elimination, some leakes and confirmations, how exactly is the 'series x' (still a stupid name) leveraging over the ps5? Most aspects labeled will feature and the ps5 still won't be redundant since the Sony brand isn't synonymous with and doesn't have every title on pc, give or take the one that count (even though the few you could lavel actually don't and have no significance by comparison to ps4), thus making it obsolete.

Aside from that there's a more powerful rumoured GPU and dedicated 3d audio chipset along with confirmed raytracing. Besides that purely hardware focused aspect, we know there are alredy interestinf exclusives in the works and, I'm not being bias or funny about this, but Sony have the best rated and selling first party exclusives in history, along with a higher percentage of interested devs and fans opposed to Xbox. I and many others don't really care about another halo that's a testement to a brand beating a dead horse, long after the buzz on a system That's left virtually no mystery and is as inspired and exciting as it design (not very).

It seems to me Xbox have bigger issues than specs, and I'm not talking about the dumbest thing to come along since DRM (streaming), but it's their ineptitude regarding actually publishing new, interesting and fun IPs not the same polished, franchise fatigued turd that consists of most, if not a significant portion of their "exclusives". Your hardware doesn't count for much when it heavily relies on meaningless spec bragging rights, even if it is obsolete and pales in comparison to PC, which would probably work out cheaper when you factor in the 7 years of anti-consumer subscriptions and "services" rather games as a service bs all that other bs, and just put towards a GPU for your PC, opposed to streaming things to your existing PC off the xbox, again, stupid and pointless.

The thing that seems to fly way over this "juranalists" head is the fact that developers and fans are both more interested in the ps5 with the xbox being the least interesting, obviously the ps5 is behind that of the PC but it goes to show just how far consumer trust, historical quality a coherent goals go, not trying to bury sales with earning and all this gymnastic bs that would confirm just how much the brand sucked like it did this gen all to save face for lacking titles and ambition. Hardware isn't everything, the one x can attest for that since it didn't save their sales slump, but you can bet your ass Sony will deliver excellent first party titles like they have done for decades, hence why they're a trust brand solidified in the mainstream and with gamers alike, because the games deliver. We don't need self promotional bs and enough controller configurations to be classed as a disorder.