Question XPS 15 9570 - Unresponsive - Won't power on

May 1, 2021
Been using it fine for a long time, warranty just expired in March
  • No power led at the front any point.
  • No fan noise at any point in anything I've tried.
  • Plugging a USB C peripheral into it - the peripheral's light goes on but doesn't charge (Could be red herring)
  • Plugging in a USB peripheral nothing happens.
  • The laptop has never suffered any damage
  • The AC power light on the tip is lit up.
  • Occasionally when I used to power it it would start with a black screen and tiny writing in top left - but never got to read what it said.
  • I initially thought it might have got stuck in sleep mode, but there are no lights at all.
What I've Tried to no avail
  • All combinations of holding down power button to drain, then plug AC in, etc etc. Nothing happens. Tried many many times.
  • Opened up the back and removed the battery. Tried all combinations of holding power button.
  • Plugged battery and same again - no joy.
What next?
  • I was just about to embark on unplugging the CMOS battery - but the process is lengthy, so I thought it better to ask the gurus on here before I waste my time, and potentially cause further damage for something that won't make any difference.
  • If indeed you guys think it could be CMOS related, will pulling the battery suffice? Or should I order a replacement before I start undoing it all? If so - any links to what I need to order?
    (Again - my thinking along CMOS could be totally wrong! - I'm no pro).
Advice and things to try, greatly appreciated!!!


Jul 7, 2020
All laptops these days have a warrenty timer that shuts down the PC......JUST KIDDING. What you are seeing is unlikely to be the CMOS battery. Poking around inside unless you are knowledgeable is liable to cause more damage. Holding down the power button forces a reset so it's not stuck in sleep mode. Given there is no fan or power LED, it seems the internal power supply is broken. Something a shop would need to fix (they would likely just swap out the motherboard. I would do a quick check with another charger, but that is a long shot.
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