Your pick on video editing laptop?


Jun 21, 2016
Hi All,

I'm in store for a video editing laptop. I'm not tech savvy. Help me pick the laptop most suited for my needs! My budget is around $1200, hopefully. Weight is not an issue. It could be bulky.

(I read desktops are cheaper but after trying to put one together on it still came out more expensive than pre-built ones with similar specs so here I am.)

I mainly want to edit some short family photos and some other videos to share on youtube, most likely under 15 minutes after edit. I'll use the adobe cloud with Premiere as my editor. I DON'T play any games so that doesn't apply to me. Other than that I would just use the laptop for the usual stuff, google docs, browsing, etc.

Specs that I am looking for:
- i7 cpu (I'm not sure the difference here about threads and cores.)
- 16 ram
- I'll likely just get an external HDD in the far future when needed so HDD or SDD doesn't matter that much to me right now.
- GTX 750Ti
- Windows 10

From this I found the laptops below that are mentioned a lot as video editing/power laptops:


Asus ROG

Asus Zenbook

What do you think? Are my specs good enough for my needs or overkill? Which laptop would you pick?