Your Pixel could now have Circle to Search — how to find out and use it


Mar 15, 2010
I'm really getting tired of Google. I have a p7p and it's like they forgot about their older devices.

I'm in Canada still can't get Gemini. Why get a Pixel if you're not getting any of the features.

I buy a new device every 2 years and other then great photos there isn't benefit to a Pixel. They want to say they will support the device for years but they ready are just using that as marketing.

When is Google going to realize that to sell hardware they need to support software. Apple does the best job of this, Samsung has kind of figured it out, but Google not at all, even my LG was better at software support
Feb 18, 2024
Just a point of clarification, Google invented the circle to search feature and through their partnership with Samsung let it be introduced with the S24 as a sell worthy feature. They didn't copy it from Samsung.