Question Youtube wont work on my laptop, shows no internet connection how do i fix it?

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Sep 2, 2021
I get the no internet connection logo when i open youtube on my laptop
-The problem still persists when i use vpn or any other internet connection
-All other websites work fine
-Youtube works fine in other devices with same internet connection
-This problem started occurring after i downloaded an adult content blocker for myself which did not work anyways
-I tried all the methods available on the net like changing the dns to etc. and other things like flushing dns and resetting winsock in cmd with admin perms
Nothing is working pls helmp ;-;
If your paid Anti-Virus includes Anti-Malware, then ok. Otherwise run a separate scan with something like Malwarebytes (it's free).
Go into Task Manager and see if there's anything unfamiliar in the Startup tab. If you find something you don't recognize, run it through a Google search and see if it's related to the program you downloaded. If you find one, make sure it's disabled and prevented from restarting on reboot.
Start doing some research on what processes (Task Manager --> Processes tab) are currently running on your system. If you find anything related to the software you downloaded, if so, end the task and make sure it cannot restart on reboot.
If all else fails, format and reinstall Windows using the latest ISO direct from Microsoft.

-Wolf sends
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