Windows 10 can connect to other wifi but after connecting to this particular wifi, it is unable to access internet


Aug 12, 2018
Hello! I really need some help over here. My laptop was able to connect fine to other wifi networks and I’ve just shifted place and now using another wifi network. However, upon connecting, my laptop is unable to access the internet. It keeps taking very Long to load, or either it shows that DNS connection isn’t there or that there is no internet available despite my wifi connection showing that it is connected & secured. I have tried many ways to deal with this such as keying in the netsh command under the CMD, forgot the entire network and connected to it again and each time it just doesn’t work. At very rare moments though, a page manages to load but subsequently the same problem starts again when I click on another link. Also, upon moving here, though my phone is able to connect and use the wifi here and connection keeps dropping & webpages always takes forever to load as well. However my housemate seems to have no issues with hers. Would really appreciate any advice on this, thank you!


Aug 12, 2018

Will check with my landlord when they are back but they aren't very tech savvy either. Apparently I tried to move around the house and when I got closer to the modem, the internet finally worked but my connection keeps dropping with messages saying like DNS changed or no internet and when I ran a troubleshoot, it said that 'The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is broken.' Not too sure what I can do about that? Also, 'The default gateway is not available.'?


Mar 11, 2018
I don't know the names off hand. But I'm sure there are programs/apps you can download that will show the signal strength. Sounds to me like the modem just needs to be reset. All the above responses are also good
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