i cannot connect to our wifi. it says access denied or internet no access

Jun 24, 2024
hi, a question, since i do not know how it happens. before the access denied to internet appeared, i visited the admin portal to find out that there's unknown devices that are connecting to our internet which i blacklisted. however they keep on coming back so i need to do it again and again, i only click "add to blacklist" on-repeat. until 12 this midnight, we experienced the problem which is the "no internet access" or "access denied" in each attempts to connect. the password is correct, it'll only reflect "saved. no internet access" which is really a troublesome since we're thinking we might get hacked. thank you!


Sounds like you may have blacklisted the wrong device. Reset your router and create new complex passwords for both the admin account and wireless networks.

Then only use that password on the devices you want connected. Any others won't be able to connect.
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