zte straight talk phone model z558vl wont hold charge for longer than 5 hrs,

Jun 13, 2018
this straight talk phone model number z558vl is a week old. was fully charged before activation, will not hold a charge for longer than 5 hrs. charged every day 10 pm- 6 am. called company they said to try following have done all of them. Lima: Since this is the first time it happens, I will provide you some advises to improve the battery life and test the phone for a few days. If the issue persists, I will need you to contact us back.
a. Turn the phone off in places with no service.
b. Use static wallpaper rather than dynamic wallpaper.
c. Reduce the screen brightness and timeout to small values.
d. Turn off features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS when not in use.
e. Reduce the amount of browser, music, and video streaming usage.
f. Exit applications using the back button instead of the home button.
g. Close all applications in Task Manager.
h. Turn off Auto Synchronization or reduce the frequency.
any ideas how to fix this problem?
thank you
Oct 26, 2018
I have a z558vl and I get good battery life. One thing that makes a difference is to put the screen brightness on "Auto". Also, one of the nice things about the z558vl is that the battery is user-replaceable. So if you need a new battery, the new battery is easy to install.

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