Cannot Uninstall Application - No 'Uninstall' Button is Displayed

When we have to remove any software or game from our system, we do not simply delete the files or folders, such a deletion will not remove it completely from the system because of its registry entries created in the system.

Deleting the files and folders from the location where it is copied will delete its setup and application, but not entirely, since some associated files and registry entries will remain untouched, even if they are further of no use. In order to overcome a junk formation of such files, it is recommended to uninstall the application from system. Uninstallation removes the application entirely along with its associated files from the system, cleaning its registry entries and the program files but leaves its setup untouched.

After uninstallation you can no longer use the application, for this you need to reinstall it. Normally the software are uninstalled from Control Panel - > Programs - > Programs and Features. But sometimes the uninstall button does not appear in the control panel. In such case, we use CCleaner.

CCleaner is software which is used to remove registry files, cookies, installed applications as well as clean files, like temporary files, clipboards, empty Recycle Bin etc. So in case the Uninstall button gets invisible or in either case, CCleaner can be used to clean up your system. CCleaner also serves other purposes, like finding any file, restoring files, managing start-up files etc.

How to use CCleaner to uninstall any application?

    ■Log on to Windows using administrator account.
    ■Run CCleaner.exe.

    ■Select Tools from the panel present in left.
    ■Click the Uninstall button.

    ■A list of all the installed applications will be displayed.
    ■From the list, click to select the target stubborn application that is to be uninstalled.

    ■Once done, click the Run Uninstaller button to start the uninstallation process.

    ■Wait till CCleaner uninstalls the unwanted application.
    ■After the process completes successfully, restart the computer to finalize the process.

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