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  1. R

    Can Not Uninstall startisback

    CAN NOT UNINSTALL STARTISBACK!!! Installed this application to test it out, I do not like it and would like to uninstall it. I have tried uninstalling using programs and features uninstall, manually deleting the associated files (but I can't fully because they're running and I can't find a...
  2. F

    **SOLVED** Avast is impossible to uninstall! **SOLVED**

    Hi guys. So while downloading Utorrent I missed unchecking the "Install Avast free antivirus" box and now its freaking impossible to uninstall! First I tried deleting the folder but it needed Admin rights. (im admin on my pc) so Secondly I tried giving my user full acces to the file but i...
  3. M

    Can't unistall Avira Launcher

    Hey guys, I've decided that I no longer want Avira antivirus in my PC, so i went ahead and unistalled Avira's one. It went well, and I no longer have it on my PC. The issue is that the Launcher that was installed with it seems impossible to be unistalled. Every time I try to do it, it comes...
  4. F

    How to disable my laptop keyboard?

    Hello! I have an Acer Aspire V3-772G-5413 with Windows 10and someone in my family while using it spilled some sort of sugary beverage in the keyboard. (soda or sweet tea) anyways, the laptop works fine still just without the use of the keyboard. none work and i don't bother with it anymore, i...
  5. M

    Can't uninstall Baidu Antivirus

    Ok, I'm in a bit of a pinch here. I recently re-installed Baidu antivirus, and soon after, I get that "application failed to start correctly" error. I realize that the cause is Baidu! However, it's broken things so badly I can't even run its own uninstaller (control panel or manual) or any other...
  6. T

    Alienware 18 No sound from the speakers :(

    Greetings readers, First i'm going to describe my problem as accurately as possible. This is what I assessed so far: [Problem] No audio from the speakers [Cause] A faulty headphone jack that makes the system think something is always plugged in. Because of this sound does not go through my...
  7. A

    How do i know which programs and features i can safely uninstall on my Toshiba Satellite C55

    When I go into Control Panel and go to Programs and Features to try and do some "house-cleaning" I am overwhelmed. I have no idea what all of those programs are or what they do and I am terrified I'll uninstall something important. I don't even know if any of them may be affecting my laptop...
  8. S

    how to uninstall program that is not listed in "programs and features"?

    I have a desktop app called Wunderlist, I can't find it in "programs and features". Revo doesn't see it either. When I look in list of programs in start menu, I don't see an uninstaller there. How to uninstall it? Windows 10
  9. A

    Should I Uninstall Dell Support Assist?

    I recently noticed that I have a "Dell Support Assist" app installed on my machine. My machine was originally a Dell XPS 8700 then I moved the parts to a new case with a new PSU and upgraded the graphics card. Since technically my computer is no longer a Dell, should I uninstall the program...
  10. T

    Problems with ASUS Smart Gesture

    So, I play lot of video games that require mouse and keyboard to be used at the same time. But since I installed Windows 10 i can't for example throw a grenade while moving in CS:GO or cancel animations on dota. I tried to install the win 10 version from ASUS support but it shows some message...
  11. N

    Laptop not working after uninstalling bluestacks

    Hi Iam using Windows7 ultimate in my laptop. I have uninstalled bluestacks in laptop after that my system not starting at all. when i tried to start it sticks only on black screen. Can any one help me on this. Thank in Advance
  12. kep55

    Destroy & Remove McAfee email antispam

    On one and one only machine in our mcafee antispam is arbitrarily intercepting messages and requiring the user to approve the messages. This usually occurs with group messages which is doubly aggravating because the groups have been in use for years. I used regedit and went thru every folder I...
  13. T

    system administrator acer

    I downloaded the program "BitTorrent" and would like to uninstall it, but whenever I go to the uninstall tab, it says I do not have the sufficient authorization to uninstall this program and to contact a system administrator. How can I uninstall this program?
  14. F

    Can't uninstall a program because its not in the Uninstall program list, Windows 7.

    I have been downloading lots of mods,games,music and videos recently. So i cant pin point the source of where these have come from but, i have basically got my self 2 programs that have got on my system, they seem to be games, However They're on my system but it doesn't look like they're...
  15. T

    Uninstall Application - Used files ?

    I currently have Revo uninstaller which is great for uninstalling applications. But i was wondering if there is a program that can scan my hdd / hdd's and kinda auto/manual delete unused files/ left over files / program files that havnt been used / accessed in a while? Or something like that...
  16. V

    Accidentally deleted NVIDIA Driver from device manager

    Hello, I "accidentally" uninstalled my NVIDIA GeForce 720M driver from my device manager when I tried to reinstall the driver. Now it no longer shows up on the device manager at all, and I cannot install any driver since the laptop does not detect it anymore. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit on...
  17. viveknayyar007

    Cannot Uninstall Application - No 'Uninstall' Button is Displayed

    When we have to remove any software or game from our system, we do not simply delete the files or folders, such a deletion will not remove it completely from the system because of its registry entries created in the system. Deleting the files and folders from the location where it is copied...