Can't uninstall a program because its not in the Uninstall program list, Windows 7.


Jun 2, 2013
I have been downloading lots of mods,games,music and videos recently. So i cant pin point the source of where these have come from but, i have basically got my self 2 programs that have got on my system, they seem to be games, However They're on my system but it doesn't look like they're installed on my system, Every time i start my computer up they pop up and they also pop up randomly threw out the day which tends to get very irritating when you're doing stuff.

They're called:
1. StormFall
2. game - total domination

They seem to be on my Start menu right at the top, I have looked on the uninstall list and they're not in they, I clicked the small tab on the top left of the Uninstall programs list saying
'' View installed updates '' and they're also not in that tab, However when i right click the shortcuts and click '' properties'' Then '' file location'' It directs me to my Google Chrome. However on my Google chrome i already have all extra tabs and addons turned off on start up.

I also looked in the HKEy-LOCALMACHINE in the registry to see if i could remove the item there but it doesn't seem to be in there either.

done a virus scan to, Nothing turned up.

any other way to search and get rid of programs like this.



Oct 20, 2006
Without a lot more information and questions and your reply it is hard to say exactly how you got them or from where. Try this; download ( the free version (you can do the Pro but only as a 30 day trial). Use it to uninstall the programs. It has a "Forced Uninstall" feature where you provide the software name to uninstall. Use it if it does not find the software on it's own. Select the advanced scan option. Review each item it finds before you click away. Once it is gone it is gone and you just want to be sure you are removing only what you want gone.