Cannot View Firefox Browser while Previewing, On My Dreamweaver?

When you’re creating a webpage on Dreamweaver, the Dreamweaver provides many ways in which you can preview the changes that were made on the page.

When you are coding on Dreamweaver for your webpage, you can switch between the options provided on the Dreamweaver main console. You can view the code only or the code and design in the split screen preview. Once you are done with the coding, you can also view the changes by the live preview or ‘Live’ optional provided on the console under the ribbon.

The ‘Live’ option tries to duplicate the effects that will be shown if the code was made active on the Internet. If you are done with the coding part, and want to see the effects of these codes on the different browsers, you can view this by the Preview in Browser option available on Dreamweaver.

As you know that different browsers behave distinctly on some codes, therefore as a good practice it is preferred that you preview your codes on popular and commonly used browsers to remove these glitches from your code.

When you install Dreamweaver on your computer, the setup configures and integrates almost all the browser that are available on your computer. These browsers will be available in the preview option. If you have added a new browser to your computer after the installation of Dreamweaver, there is a pretty good chance that the browser will not be available in these options.

If you are also having this issue of not finding your preferred browser in the ‘Preview in Browser’ options, you manually need to add this browser on your Dreamweaver program.

You need to follow the below described steps to do so:

    ■Initialize your Dreamweaver program from the Start menu, using any account.

    ■On the main interface, select File from the menu bar.

    ■From the drop-down list that appears, select Preview in Browser options.

    ■On the sub drop-down list, click on Edit Browser List.


    ■On the Preferences window that opens up, select Preview in Browser from categories situated in the left pane, click on the plus (+) button after the
    Browsers section.


    ■On the Add Browser box that appears, click on the Browse button.


    ■On the Select Browser window that appears, locate and open your target browser application.


Now you can view your desired browser in the options available. You can use your browser on Preview in Browser options to check and validate your codes on that particular browser.